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WeightLoss Solutions Australia is unique in that we have a complete bariatric team in-house. This means that none of our key services are outsourced. All the key services and support that you need are available in one location, and most of these services are included in your package cost of surgery. Our team includes highly skilled medical experts including doctors, nurses, dietitians and psychologists.

The Program

Eligible candidates will first consult with a General Practitioner to confirm suitability of a prescriptive weight loss medication to treat overweight and obesity. The patient will then be enrolled into our 12 Weeks to Wellness program to receive unlimited support from our team of medical experts, access 12 Weeks of success-proven Lifestyle Modification modules, benefit from customised meal and exercise plans, and become a lifetime member of our thriving #WeightLossWarriors community.

ACCESS our success-proven Lifestyle Modification modules.

BENEFIT from a customised meal and exercise plans.

UNLIMITED support from our team of medical experts.

LIFETIME member of #WeightLossWarriors thriving community.


I’m now coming up to a year in my WLS journey and have passed the 50kg weight loss. I feel amazing, I look at myself in the mirror and my confidence is through the roof! I have the drive to train everyday and I have also taken up fight training (Muay Thai).*

– Adam Bilsborough, Gold Coast

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