Our Warriors Story – The 7 Day Walking Challenge

Our #WeightLossWarriors kicked off the new year with a 7 Day Walking Challenge. What an incredibly healthy habit to do collectively as a community! Here are some highlights of the stories from our warriors who shared their first week of 2021, truly walking the walk, embracing the MOVEMENT in their daily routine and inspiring their family and friends along the way.

Warrior Caraline Soper

WeightLoss Warrior Caraline Coper - 7 Day Walking Challenge

Day 1 – I work as a cleaner, on my feet 8.5hrs a day over 3 split shift. My steps this morning also included 2hrs working, then out & about with walking partners – my staffies…

Day 2 – Hollarans Hill, Atherton, FNQ… this mornings walk approximately 6.5km round trip up & down hills. I like to work that little bit harder as I’m a cleaner working 8.5hrs over 3 splits shifts a day.

Day 3 – Not as long as my last 2 days, storms rolling around.

Day 4 – Due to sickness & the dreaded brain tickle test (covid swab), I’m in isolation.

This was the best I could manage today. My Monday-Fridays I’d easily smash my steps out through working as a cleaner, then take my dogs for a walk/run when I finish. The exercise block is my husband’s, for a little bit of humour from him today, he placed it on the lounge room floor & said that’d be enough to get me through the isolation.

Warrior Jade Nyhuis-Bartz

Day 1 & 2 Catch Up on Day 3 – I didn’t post for yesterday or the day before of my walking so thought I’d add this afternoon walk with our furbs

Day 3 – Busy morning at work with non-stop walking! The day is young and I’m sure my fur babies will get their evening walk also which is about 2.5km

Day 4 – Had a lovely walk this morning with the Furbs again

Day 5 – Walked only just over my target today but also became a kung fu master when I walked into this spider web!!

Day 6 – A bigger day today even though it’s been really hot working in the landscape give me a workout with having to also move these onto a shelf one by one!! Plus I even went for a swim in the ocean after work as well!

Warrior Margaret Woodhouse

Day 1 – Doing the walking challenge. Flowers along the way. A selfie and a short video of the street

Day 2 – walk challenge. Quite a walk downhill…. the challenge is coming home. Uphill all the way. Went with the family.

Day 3 – I’m in Victoria. Currently only wearing masks inside, but I have a cold, and there are a lot of people close by. Walking along a very busy main street. No video. Didn’t want to bang into anyone.

Day 4 – Raining today. Had a bit of a chance during drizzle, but a bit cool. Did a walk and we went to the Bakehouse. Great piccolo latte. Two mouthfuls of their fruit toast was more than enough. My husband took the first two.

Day 5 – Another drizzly day so spent hours walking around Westfield.

Day 6 – My daughter dropped me in the Geelong CBD after it stopped pouring and I walked home. A loooong way! I’ve done a few videos that you can watch plus some old houses.

Warrior Melissa Presland

Day 1 – I couldn’t get the tag to work on my own page but here’s day 1 of the walking challenge – my furry friend kept me company

Day 2 – 6km today, a great way to start the morning.

Day 3 – Went out for breaky with my hubby this morning and took a walk along the Broadwater. Beautiful!!!

Day 4 – I took the whole family today and we stopped to visit our favourite turtles.

Day 5 – Unfortunately no photos today but 6000 odd steps done running around the shops trying to get things done. I think that still counts….

Day 6 – I got started a bit earlier today and decided to push myself with a few extra km’s and some killer hills. 11000 steps and 51 flights of stairs worth before 8am. Feeling pretty chuffed with myself…

Congratulations to all #WeightLossWarriors who participated in this challenge, it’s very rewarding for us especially to see so many of you continue this healthy habit past the 7 Day Challenge. 2021 is our year, let’s keep moving!

Felicity Cohen,