Advantages and Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Advantages of a Gastric Sleeve

• Volume of the stomach is reduced without malabsorption   
• Most foods are well tolerated
• Does not result in dumping syndrome (as with gastric bypass)
• No follow up required for adjustments (as with gastric band)
• No foreign body implantation (as with gastric band)
• Difficult to overeat high calorie liquids or soft foods because of limited stomach capacity
• Hunger stimulating hormone Ghrelin is removed, decreasing appetite and in some cases cravings
• Great option for those in remote areas or who find it difficult to maintain regular visits to the clinic
• Weight loss is initially quite rapid and sustainable over the long-term
• Considered a safer procedure for high risk or morbidly obese patients (BMI>45)

Disadvantages of a Gastric Sleeve

• Irreversible
• Slightly higher complication rate
• Less historical data available than with lap band

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