Our First Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Raising Funds for the Cancer Council

Fundraising with a cause that is relevant to our patient population is something that is very close to my heart. We know that there are around 13 known cancers associated with obesity. Lifestyle diseases contribute enormously to the potential risk of cancer. In achieving sustainable weight loss for our patients we are reducing drastically the risk of cancer. Health prevention is so important and definitely a far better option than cure. Through treatment of overweight and obesity, we not only reduce, control and improve multiple medical co-morbidities that are existing; we prevent many more from developing in the future.

Imagine the impact on preventing our patient population from being at risk of many cancers? The impact on so many lives is incredible and takes huge pressure off our health system. Sustainable weight loss and maintaining good health is the best solution for future health.

Our goals and intentions are centred everyday on reducing disease and improving quality of life.

With one in two people diagnosed prior to age 80 in Australia with cancer today, we need to work on ending obesity and in turn reducing the incidence of cancer.

For most of us, we will have been touched by someone close to us who may have survived cancer or sadly lost their battle. I am one of those who have lost someone who I loved dearly.

Our Morning Tea was a huge fundraising success and I am so grateful for all the donations that our community contributed to. Massive thanks from me for choosing to support this brilliant initiative of the Cancer Council.

It was lovely to celebrate with patients; staff and many of our partners in business last Thursday by stopping to pause and enjoying a beautiful morning tea together. This provided us with a moment to stop and interact instead of our forever fast-paced frenetic work pace; it was great to slow down for a brief time.

Thank you to the beautiful patients who showed up and showed off some pretty spectacular results after surgery! Thank you to all our colleagues; partners and staff for making this a very special event.

I am keen to add this to our annual fundraising calendar of events not to be missed.

If you missed out this year please make sure to join us in 2022 for the next Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Felicity Cohen,