Baiba's Lap Band Journey


Hear how Baiba, a WLSA patient, stopped her weight gain and lost 29kg following gastric banding surgery.

Video Transcription

Baiba: “Before I had the gastric banding I was… I was very unhappy. Because I was constantly putting on weight, I couldn’t stop it.”

“I had a stroke, I had 5 years of therapy to walk and talk and all the rest of it and so and after that I decided if I’ve got to do it I’m going to do it now.”

Yes once I had my stroke, I thought I’ve just got to do this, one way or the other I’ve got do this otherwise I’m not going to see my grandkids I’m not going to do lots of things I wanted to do and I have to do this, I have to get it off.

I’ve lost around 30 kilos.

My life has changed a lot. I always loved running and I thought if I was ever going to do a marathon or a half marathon I would do it when I turned 50. So I worked towards that goal and I did the half marathon.

Husband: I would certainly recommend this procedure, it was by far the least invasive, it required the least amount of time in hospital and the ability to be able to get in and start the weight loss that people so desperately need was far quicker than any of the other procedures

Baiba: Yes it’s changed my life definitely, for me it was the best thing I ever did.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.