Can a Gastric Sleeve Procedure help Reduce Back Pain?

If you have ever wondered or hoped that if a gastric procedure was undertaken  would there be any other health benefits then just weight loss?  The answer to your question is yes.  I asked a client of mine who underwent a gastric procedure 6months ago to email me so she could effectively share with you just how much her life has changed this year.

“Hi Dr. Geoff,

Here it is. Feel free to use all or none of this. If it is not quite what you wanted then feel free to change it to suit your needs.

I have not actually told you how much I appreciate your continual support and encouragement in all aspects of my life. Now if you could just find me a man….

Love G

As an obese person I found I my back was constantly sore and felt ‘wrong’. My feet were always hurting and after a normal day on my feet (I am a primary school teacher) I was exhausted and needed fortnightly chiropractic treatments. The treatments were excellent, and I felt great afterwards, but also that they didn’t seem to last very long, as I was going straight back to poor posture and habits.

Over the last six months, I have lost 23 kilos and the difference has been fantastic in all areas of my life. I have more energy, and when I have my treatments now it takes less effort to adjust me. I also have less treatments (about every 4 weeks), which is great. The treatments seem to last longer and my feet do not hurt like they used to. I know that losing this weight (which is about half of what I want to lose) has helped in this but also I know that having a great chiropractor has made losing it easier.

By making me think about my posture and also making me practice standing and sitting correctly, he has started me on the road to thinking about my weight consciously as well. I know that I will lose all the weight I need to and also that my spine will thank me, and my fantastic chiro, for a life long mindfulness about how my body works, and teaching me to look after it better. Not just in posture, but also exercise and nutrition.”

G has already lost 23 of the 50 kilograms she intends to lose and is on target.

Her back pain has diminished considerably and her flexibility has improved dramatically.  Her cheery and cheeky disposition has never faulted but her zest for life is blossoming. Her need to see me  (a chiropractor) for chronic pain is now a thing of the past and it’s fantastic to assist her with her journey in more passive manner.