Chew Chow Chomp – Food Fit For Kings

WLSA’s first foodie event of the year was an exciting mix of innovative ideas to demonstrate to post-operative bariatric patients that food can taste delicious and still be healthy.

One of the fears many patients’ have after surgery is “will I be able to enjoy food again?”

The answer is YES. With all WLSA cooking events, our goals are to inspire and educate patients to adapt their home cooking to be enjoyable, tasty and nutritious.

Our dietitians’ were able to discuss the nutritional value of each product used in the recipes by our guest chefs.

Our headline special guest appearance was by Chef Ikuei Arakane better known as Kin San and famous for being an “Iron Chef”.


His Miso Soup was not only delicious but used QLD locally produced miso paste by Rice Culture; manufactured by a local Japanese company based in Nerang. The organic tofu used was also manufactured locally – Healthy Pulse. Kin San used his knowledge, skills and experience to deliver authentic Japanese food that can be prepared at home for those willing to try! His food was definitely fit for kings!

My goal is to continue to offer patients varied experiences to enjoy food after weight loss surgery and appreciate the pleasure of the table in a new and exciting way.

Chew Chow Chomp was presented as an initiative to coincide with Australian Healthy Weight Week.

Felicity Cohen,
CEO WeightLoss Solutions Australia