Beating Bulge In Dignified Fashion

NEWS: A surge in demand of our bariatric procedures since the pandemic in Australia.

In this exclusive interview by The Courier-Mail, we shared insights to the surge in demand of our bariatric procedures since the pandemic and we had patients from as far as Mount Isa and the Gulf come to us as the leading weight loss clinic in Australia. 2020 has made many obese people realise they could not lose weight by diet and exercise alone.

One of our #WeightLossWarriors Richard Smedley featured in this news had a total transformation through WLSA. 3 years ago, he was 200kg, click here to read his full story. Our award-winning Gastric Sleeve procedure plus Lifestyle Modification Program saved his life. Richard is now enjoying salsa dancing and jet-skiing, a huge lift in quality of life from not being able to walk 50m just a few years ago.

“My life is totally different. I can do things that I couldn’t have considered a few years ago and I’m having a lot of fun doing them,” he said.

In another news coverage also reported by The Courier-Mail, our Sleeve Gastrectomy weight loss procedure is on high demand as thousands of Queenslanders who packed on the kilos during the pandemic is seeking to go under the knife in a desperate bid to fight the flab.

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