Dietary Requirements with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Patients undergoing a Gastric Sleeve are required to maintain a fluid only diet for the two weeks prior to surgery and the two weeks following surgery. After this the patients will progress to puree foods for two weeks before reintroducing solid foods to their diet around 4 weeks after surgery. Adhering to these requirements is important to minimise risk during surgery and promote healing after surgery.

Once back on solid foods, patients are advised to change some of their eating habits and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Our dietitian will be able to assist you with your pre and post-surgical diet phases.

Eating habits after gastric sleeve surgery

Patients will find they are able to consume only entree sized meals, though unlike the gastric band, almost all foods are well tolerated. Because the Gastric Sleeve reduces the holding capacity in the stomach, it is difficult to overconsume liquids and high calorie, soft foods. We do advise considering what you do consume on a daily basis and ensuring it is healthy and nutritious.

As with all the available surgical weight loss procedures, there is a strong emphasis on making appropriate lifestyle changes, including modifying how you approach meals. Here are some recommendations:

Modify your Eating Habits

  • Always sit down and relax whilst eating
  • Avoid drinking any liquids when eating
  • Stop eating as soon as you start to feel full
  • Eat regularly and avoid skipping meals
  • Accept that it’s okay to leave food on your plate
  • Avoid high calorie liquids and excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Try using a Diet Plate to help with portion control

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