Ditch Diabetes for Good

Strap yourself in, this is going to cause a stir!

I just have to tell you about this really great patient of mine, Richard.
Keep reading to learn how you can lose weight, get great results and get your life back just like Richard.

You see, I’ve just heard from Richard because he is so ecstatic that after just 9 months he is off all of his prescription medications and is now diabetes-free! Which is pretty cool, even if I do say so myself! Just imagine yourself, diabetes-free in just 9 months and potentially saving your own life! All you need to do is attend our next info session, and you could be on your way to a healthier and happier life!


My Ditch Diabetes for Good info session will be the moment when you truly gain control over your life. You’ll be able to ask your questions to a panel of medical experts, and get the support you truly need, just like Richard did, who now claims that it is was the best decision he has have ever made.

So life is pretty sweet for Richard. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, just 9 months ago, Richard found out his diabetes was a pre-cancer condition, his health was a constant negative in his life, he was stressed about what this would mean for his 14-year-old son and he was really uncertain about what his next step needed to be to get his life back…things weren’t looking too good.

We all know that it’s getting harder and harder to determine what treatment method works best for your condition, there is always someone who has yet another idea on how to get you fit and healthy again, and it’s getting worse by the week. We all know that. Richard knew this too, but the difference is this… he DID something about it. And isn’t he glad he that did? *

Hell yeah, he is!

Here’s the lesson for you

Just 9 months after learning about the power of Gastric Sleeve surgery, Richards now got his health back, and gaining back years of life, with the help of the medical experts, Richard is now excited to get his blood tests back and to be spending more time with his son.

He can now also admit that he didn’t realise how dangerous his diabetes was until it was gone. You can imagine the difference that would make to you.

Re-gaining control of your health and not having to live off prescription medications. Here’s the lesson:

Ask questions, research all your options and speak to medical professionals, they are the only ways to successfully gain control of your health FAST and PERMANENTLY.

As part of my next info session, I’ve got together some amazing real stories from our clients just like Richard’s to help inspire you to Change Your Life for Good! If you want your health and happiness back, then you can join me, a panel of medical experts and some of my inspirational clients at my information session:

Overweight and addicted to sugar? Ditch Diabetes for Good! Join our next seminar to learn more about it.


Who it’s for:

Anyone who is suffering from obesity, addicted to sugar or just wants to learn more about Orbera Intragastric Balloon, Lapband/Gastric Bands, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and or body lift procedures.

Here’s what the night will involve:

• You’ll get the chance to ask your question to a panel of medical experts

• Get answers from the panel & know exactly how to prepare yourself towards your successful and permanent weight loss!

• Meet & hear from former patients about their own WLSA experience, be inspired to Change Your Life for Good! Our information sessions will run for 60 minutes, with 30 minutes thereafter for Q and A. We will cover all the information you need to make an informed decision about your health and future.

See you at our next seminar to get you a step closer to changing your life for good!

Felicity Cohen

P.S I’ll be hanging around to do Q and A at the end of the session, so get your most important questions ready so I can help you out.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.