Eating Your Way Smart Through Christmas Season

Navigating your way through Christmas and New Year’s can definitely cause stress and anxiety when trying to stay on top of your health goals!

It is important to be kind to yourself and let yourself enjoy these events without the feeling of guilt or regret. During this time, try to embrace the silly season, holistically. This means tackling health from all areas, particularly in between events. That way, you can still be empowered to be in control of your diet. Try to exercise the following:

  •        Move your body every day
  •        Aim for 1.5-2L fluid per day
  •        Choose wholefoods
  •        Aim for 5 small meals per day

When it comes to enjoying yourself at these events, try to incorporate the below strategies so that you are able to maintain the hard work that you have put in toward your weight loss goals.

10 Smart Eating Tips to Survive the Silly Season:

  1. Consider if you really need the additional bowls of chips, lollies, dips and biscuits on top of the large lunch you are about to serve. If you insist on serving finger food, consider swapping to mixed nuts and seed, dips with veggie sticks, or dried fruits such as goji berries, pears and apricots.
  2. Fill your plate with lean meats – avoid battered, crumbed or fried foods. Swap these to grilled and plain meats. Ensure your plate consists of 50% protein followed by 50% salads/vegetables.
  3. Create a plate for yourself rather than picking and snacking on finger foods.
  4. Ask for sauces/dips/spreads on the side of your plate rather than covering your meal.
  5. Avoid carbonated beverages, make homemade ice teas with fruit, diluted juices to create some flavour with your drinks.
  6. Pre-plan your day ahead.  Include your normal snacks in your day leading up to your event, to minimise overeating when faced with unhealthy foods. 
  7. Remember to eat mindfully. Tune into your hunger. Ensure you are enjoying what you are eating, focus on separating food and fluids. Focus on the taste, texture and smell of your meals, avoid picking and grazing leading up to your meal and after your meal.
  8. Dehydration can also be mistaken for hunger and may cause you to overeat, ensure you are still aiming for 1.5-2L water per day.
  9. If drinking alcohol, ensure you have 1 glass of water to every glass of alcohol.
  10. Move your body!

Yours sincerely,

Isabella Maimone
Accredited Practising Dietitian, WLSA