Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Most people, nearly everybody has tried to lose weight. Losing weight, whether after a period of indulgence or inactivity, in the lead up to a special event, or as an ongoing commitment is always a challenge.

In some cases, we have initial success and then plateau, only to give up and return to old habits and gain back the weight, sometimes with interest! And all the while, we are bombarded by messages in the media and from the “wellness industry” that the key to long-term weight loss is motivation, discipline and will power; as simple case of “calories in and calories out”!

But that is only partially true. The real issue holding us back from making the changes required to achieve our goals is mental roadblocks and the fear of failure.

Over the past 21 years, WLSA has seen thousands of patients. Our patients tell us they have tried so many diets, exercise, special meal plans while all around them the media imparts the message that they should be able to do this by themselves. 

In reality, we have been set up to fail. Statistics show that 97 percent of diet and exercise programs fail, whether that’s one or five years on.

This diet rollercoaster cycle is actually damaging to your confidence and your health. It can impact your metabolism and lead to weight gain. It’s only natural then that we become scared: “Why try when I’m going to fail?”

There’s a psychological component to losing weight. Feelings of stress, depression, body-image issues, guilt and shame can work together to put the brakes on our attempts to lose weight because we’re afraid of the unknown and past experiences are strong indicators of future outcomes.

The fear of failure creates an inability to move forward that can sabotage our efforts. 

Surgery is just one part of the process. The rest is a combination of a tried and tested multidisciplinary approach – like pieces of a puzzle working in unison toward the end result.

At WLSA, we work with our patients on how they gained weight, why they keep gaining weight, what has kept them from losing weight in the past, and what scares them about losing weight. Our aim is to uncover the barriers, so we know what we’re treating.

Working with a team of professionals from doctors and dietitians to psychologists and nutritionists, patients identify what’s holding them back and then picture the future once those barriers are overcome and we’ve achieved our goals.

How will your life change? In what ways will your health improve? How will you feel? What clothes will you enjoy wearing? What will it do for your confidence? Relationships? Career?

Reach out to the dedicated team at WLSA for more information on how we can help you to overcome the barriers and take the leap into a new life.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WLSA