Felicity Congratulates #TeamWLSA for Astounding Achievements at Gold Coast Marathon Marathon 2018

My first goal in building #TeamWLSA for the Gold Coast Marathon 2018 was to double the number from 2017 and encourage as many new participants to join the team.

Why would I want to do this you may ask? My commitment is number one to patient long-term results. This does not start and finish with a surgical (or non-surgical) procedure.

It continues with a dedicated group of people who work towards creating positive lifestyle change and creating new habits for life. Pushing people beyond their own expectations of physical achievement brings so many rewards.

Firstly the realisation that #YESYOUCAN is bigger and better and stronger and fitter than your former self. The personal satisfaction alone of knowing how good you feel when you are exercising and getting fitter every week cannot be underestimated.

The benefits of regular exercise are extensive. Apart from all those positive feel-good endorphins running around afterwards; we are improving metabolic function and assisting in the prevention of many diseases such as cardiovascular risk and long-term it is important to note the delay in Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

I am a great believer in survival of the fittest and if I can pass on my own personal mantra to our patient population there is nothing that gives me greater joy. The ultimate success in the patient journey is seeing the wonderful achievements at events like the Gold Coast Marathon.

The training for those who took part was fun, challenging and built a great sense of camaraderie. Every time I was at the training the progress was visible.

Race day nerves and excitement began to grow with intensity as we got closer to the event.

The personal firsts and personal bests were achieved by absolutely everyone. That sense of elation crossing the line for the first time is hard to describe.

I am in awe of all your achievements and feel that this is the absolute pinnacle of success along the surgical pathway. Better health and physical fitness; prevention of disease, achieving remission of many medical concerns post-surgery are all the reasons why we do what we do at WLSA.

My greatest personal achievement is in watching all of our wonderful community push outside their limits and achieve new goals every day.

Thank you all for taking part and trusting us all to get you to the start line. I cannot single out one result over another as each one has a unique story and all are equal in their success.

Now to plan for GCM 2019. My goal is to double the number again and to consistently help you all become the best versions of yourselves. Get ready to take on the challenge for 2019! I can’t wait to walk and run beside you all.

Finally; just quietly; I will support and run with any half marathoners who are ready take this on for next year!

Thank you GCM2018! You were amazing and the memories will last a lifetime.

Kind Regards,

Felicity Cohen
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia
Founder of the GRIT Project