Alcohol, Bubbles and the Festive Season

You’ve hit your 3 month-versary after WLS and the silly season is approaching.  What’s the go with alcohol?

Don’t do it.

Ok, so some of us like a little, what are the actual ins and outs of alcohol after WLS?

The – Don’ts…

  • No bubbles – beer, champagne, mixers, sparkling water, soda water etc. The carbonation will stretch your sleeve/pouch.  Wine is a better option in this regard.
  • No drinking and driving at all – you will breach every limit with half a sip. Your change in anatomy, metabolism and smaller food intake means it can hit you hard and fast, as well as taking a long time to clear from your system.  The fumes from alcohol are enough for some to get them dancing on the tables.
  • Don’t forget to drink water and keep hydrated. 2L water each day is the goal.
  • No bubbly B-B-Berroca the next morning to give you back your B-B-Bounce. Along with that no Aspro Clear the next day either J
  • Remember no eating and drinking at the same time. Time a drink more than 30 minutes before or after your meal.

The – Give It A Try…

  • Plan ahead what you will eat if you can, we all make poor food choices when we have had a drink.
  • The empty calories are not your friend. Remember your weight loss and health goals.
  • Watered down apple juice in a wine glass looks a lot like a glass of wine. A good trick to keep up your sleeves.
  • Eat your high protein snack or meal before you go out.

Enjoy this festive season feeling 5, 10, 50 or 100kg lighter! Enjoy wearing your new outfit and feeling fabulous! To your wellness,
Jen Hoult
Accredited Practising Dietitian at WLSA.