FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Do you suffer from FOMO?

When it comes to healthy lifestyles, we all tend to drop the ball a bit over the holiday periods. It’s important to recognize that this is often a collective problem. That is, we see others enjoying themselves, without restriction or obligation, and we have a serious case of the FOMO (fear of missing out).

FOMO - Family Christmas

Family a.k.a. Teamwork

We’re social beings and we have a need to belong. Which is why, when it comes to healthier habits over the Christmas period, we need to work together to achieve a common goal, in much the same way as we subconsciously work together to have as much non-restrictive fun as we can, especially when others around us are having endless amounts of it.

FOMO - Family Christmas

Seasonal Rules & Support

Minimizing the damage to our waistlines over Christmas is never easy, but, it means, as a family, we have to work together and set boundaries that would otherwise apply if it wasn’t Christmas. That doesn’t mean we can’t let our hair down. A little bit of flexibility is good for the soul! However, keep it somewhat under control by establishing some festive season rules for the family and support each other through the process.

FOMO Family Time

Alcohol-free Nights

Set up some sweet free days, and alcohol-free nights for all involved, so you can enjoy the times you have both. You’ll feel better about the fact you’ve set some guidelines for you and the family; and, chances are, the wheels won’t come off completely. Have a meeting (adults and kids) and get the whole family on board. Agree to support each other; and, adults, use the opportunity to set an example for the kids.

FOMO - Family

Plan Family Activities

Agree on an activity schedule where you can all do something active together to highlight the importance of supporting each other. With a schedule to follow, you’ll feel better that you have a plan and you’ll experience fewer guilt come 2019. When it comes to exercise, give everyone in the family a chance to choose the activity to do it together. For food, agree that there are likely to be some days where you may have to break the ‘sweet free day’ rule. In this case, simply take what you would normally take and subtract 50%.

It’s all about making good decisions, being conscious of your limitations and ability to build resolve. It takes practice to build this resolve and to create good habits. In sport, winning is a habit; and, so is losing. The same applies to healthy lifestyles. So, don’t let the FOMO get in the way. Happy Holidays!

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