Frequently Asked Questions Gastric Sleeve Surgery


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How does the doctor know how much of my stomach should be removed?”]

Answer: Our surgeons are very experienced in performing gastric sleeve surgery and their judgement regarding how much of the stomach should be removed is exceptional.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Is the procedure reversible?”]

Answer: No, a gastric sleeve is not reversible; the portion of the stomach removed is discarded.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Will my stomach stretch back to its original size?”]

Answer: Patients who continue to overeat and lead sedentary lifestyles following surgery risk increasing their stomach size and weight.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How quickly will I lose my excess weight?”]

Answer: Weight loss varies from patient to patient; however, rapid weight loss is not necessarily good for your health and metabolism. Most patients can expect weight loss around 0.5kg-1kg per week in the first 12 months.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Is the procedure painful?”]

Answer: Extreme pain following surgery is rare; although, patients are given medication both in hospital and following discharge in case of any pain.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How long does the surgery take and how long do I have to stay in hospital?”]

Answer: Surgery takes around 60 minutes, provided there are no complications; and, most patients are discharged from hospital within 48 hours.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Can I fall pregnant following a Gastric Sleeve?”]

Answer: Yes, there are no problems falling pregnant and having a baby following the procedure. Weight loss is sometimes needed to help people fall pregnant and a gastric sleeve offers many patients a solution to fertility problems experienced as a result of being overweight. It is however recommended that patients wait 12 months before attempting to fall pregnant to allow for sustained weight loss.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Am I able to walk out of hospital?”]

Answer: Yes, you will be encouraged to walk within a few hours following surgery.


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”What happens to my excess skin after I’ve lost weight?”]

Answer: In most cases skin will continue to contract after weight loss and exercise will help with toning back excess skin. Patients who continue to have excessive amounts of excess skin after reaching their weight loss goal can consider plastic surgery. Excess abdominal skin can be treated by having a cosmetic procedure called Abdominplasty or a Tummy Tuck.



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