1. Increased sprinting and endurance running, both on offence of defence. There are definite elements of “High-Intensity Interval Training”.

2. Interval Training burns more calories, increase resting metabolic rate, and increases tolerance to the “burn”.

3. Increased Agility from the quick turns, pivots, throws and jumps.

4. Full Body Workout whether you’re squatting or jumping to catch a disc. You work your legs and hips when throwing a disc. Lots of leg work, but your arms can feel it too, especially if you play a handler role in an offence.

5. Boosts Mood A healthy injection of endorphins and other happy hormones- any form of exercise can promote this, however, the best scenarios are when you exercise for longer than 30 minutes, at a moderate to intense pace.

Social Interaction. Ultimate frisbee makes you part of a community and teaches you to work as a team. We think that even corporations would benefit from having employees team-building activities be a game of frisbee- health and cooperation!