Gastric Bypass surgery (or Roux En Y) is performed under laparoscopy and involves the division of the stomach into two pouches, one smaller upper gastric pouch and one larger lower pouch. 

The smaller intestine is cut and rearranged to allow connection to the smaller gastric pouch and the functional volume of the stomach is drastically reduced to allow for a reduction in the amount of food consumed. The procedure has a number of variations which can all be discussed with the surgeon during your consultation.

We offer Gastric Bypass as a weight loss procedure; however, the procedure is not as popular as a Lap Band or Sleeve Gastrectomy because of higher complication and mortality risks, including more restrictive dietary requirements. In some cases the procedure may be the most suitable primary option, but it is mostly offered as a revision procedure where another primary procedure, like gastric sleeve, has not been successful in helping someone lose weight. Further information regarding this option should be sought through a direct consultation with our surgeon.