GC Marathon Weekend Wrap up!

So many emotions, fears, hopes and dreams all came to light over the weekend. New found inspiration and motivation often develops after you have put yourself on the line to have a go at something so foreign and out of your comfort zone that this event can be pivotal for many people.

Our past social conditioning can be put to test on marathon weekend. Maybe you were once told and believed as a younger less fit and overweight person that you would never amount to much when it comes to getting involved in  sport; least of all running at something like the Gold Coast Marathon.

This can be the ultimate challenge. Facing the demons of the past can all come flooding into your mind when you get out there on the track to walk or run.  I’m sure many of you can relate to this. You have chosen the ultimate challenge!

This weekend’s event started more than 12 weeks ago when 100 people decided to accept the challenge and commit to choosing an event at the Gold Coast Marathon 2019.

The training program we offered this year was flexible and diverse to suit all fitness capabilities. The focus was on community; training together with a purpose to be fitter and stronger and more able to walk or run in whatever event you had chosen.

For some people the training has inspired them to train more! To take up more high intensity gym work and to learn how to enjoy group fitness. Our training was interspersed with outdoor running coaching to help prevent injuries and to build running technique. The sessions were fun and pushed fitness boundaries to the next level.

As the team has grown so have the aspirations to compete faster; improve personal best times and to tackle longer more endurance type events.

To see the beautiful feedback from patients telling me that without surgery and our supportive community style program they would still be sitting on the couch not actively participating in life has been consistent in so many messages! This is my favourite event of the WLSA calendar. It brings out the best in all of us. Health and wellbeing are our most prized possessions. We have all learnt through this that the mind will give up long before the body does! It really is the true test of strength of character.  The benefits of fitness are so extensive and I love that we have shared this opportunity with you all.

Surgery has been just the starting point and the catalyst to pursue an entirely new lifestyle.

The atmosphere over the weekend was phenomenal. Supportive, encouraging and all working as one team to get across the line.

For some more seasoned athletes pursuing personal goals has become a reality. For others the comfort of having supportive likeminded people has helped them cross the line.

There were some incredible times on course this weekend across all events.

The tears, the smiles and the sense of satisfaction and elation were worth all the fear beforehand.

I have been overwhelmed with feedback from everyone who participated.

So many have already signed up for next year. This journey is never ending. Once you start with the approach to a healthier and fitter lifestyle there is no stopping; just improving.

The team continues to grow and I cannot wait to see what  next year brings.

Massive, heartfelt congratulations to everyone. You are all winners!

View the official #TeamWLSA photos here!


Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia