From Humble Beginnings to the 2020 Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards provide an incredible opportunity for local businesses to showcase their specific industry ability and achievements. One thing that really stands out for me is that the Gold Coast really leads the way in innovation and cutting edge progress in so many unique business sectors. I felt honoured to be surrounded by so many of the other award winners at the October awards presentation for the monthly winners.

From humble beginnings 21 years ago and multiple challenges; change and reinvention we are now not just leaders on the Gold Coast but we set the benchmark internationally for bariatric surgical practice.

I can confidently say that WLSA stands proudly among the winning businesses of 2020 as a proud Gold Coast Business. The success of WLSA started 21 years ago. Through passion, vision and a lot of hard work we have been recognized in our local business community as a leader in our field; the Health and Well Being Category.

Patients will always come first; patient outcomes our number one priority and the results we achieve for our patients our greatest success. Our patient model of care is second to none and together with an incredible team of bariatric health professionals, we will continue to set new goals and parameters for achieving excellence every day.

Some key elements that stand out to me are team cohesiveness; we work in collaboration and achieve together. We innovate together and remain focussed and all of the people at WLSA are aligned with the business vision. Culture is critical to our success.

I’m so incredibly proud to be a recipient of the October Health and Well Being award and to have had the honour of being a finalist at this year’s annual Gold Coast Business Awards Dinner.

This serves to provide more motivation to do more; achieve more and reach for new goals and create the change that is needed for all overweight people in Australia.

We aim to not just treat obesity but to end it! 2021 is destined to be bigger and better and we can’t wait to start the new year.

My heartfelt thanks to the committee of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for giving businesses the opportunity to shine and be recognized in the city where they have dedicated; for many,  a lifetime career.

This is our springboard to the world and after 21 years WLSA has many more exciting opportunities ahead.

Congratulations to all other winners and finalists in all business sectors; we are in awe of all your achievements.

Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia