Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards July 2021 – A Gratitude Note from CEO Felicity Cohen

The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are such a wonderful vehicle for recognising local innovation across a whole range of business categories;  all striving for excellence.

The GC is an incredible hub of progress, development and change across many industry sectors. The opportunity to be recognised in the Health and Wellbeing category is a testimonial to the entire team at WLSA all working hard and contributing in a very powerful way to the improved health of Queenslanders.

The identity of WLSA is shaped by a very dedicated team of allied health staff, doctors and very busy administration staff. They are all worthy recipients of this fabulous award.

We are so fortunate to have received this prestigious monthly award now on two occasions;  July this year and October 2020; consolidating our position as a leader in the world of bariatric intervention.

As a team, we have responded to changing patient needs and a climate that is underpinned by uncertainty by remaining focussed, positive and driven to remain true to our business values. The core of which is our patient population every single day.

New technologies and opportunities are embraced by us all to be delivered with programs designed for success.

Our growth and our results tell a fabulous story. Patients are choosing healthier futures and together we can help achieve the goals and dreams of so many individuals.

We are grateful for the recognition from the GC Business Excellence Awards; nothing could be more rewarding than achieving the recognition of our local community in a city where we are entrenched as a business and dedicated to the entire community.

A million thanks are not enough for the WLSA team; the heart and soul that make coming to work every day an exciting adventure.

Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards October 2020 – A Gratitude Note from CEO Felicity Cohen

Winning awards in business is incredibly gratifying and symbolises recognition for outstanding work. Team WLSA have worked so hard to achieve great things in a year of immense challenges and I am exceptionally grateful for all the work that has gone into helping us “survive and thrive”.

Firstly having a compelling story to tell and demonstrating the many achievements of the business comes from a lot of innovation, hard work and entrepreneurship.

Central to any business award are the core values of the business; for WLSA the strong resounding passion that is echoed through the team is pivotal to our success.

Patients are number one priority every day and ensuring we treat,  manage and reduce obesity in this country is close to the heart of the business each and every day.

WLSA are the proud recipients of the GC Business Excellence Awards for Health and Wellbeing for the month of October. We are exceptionally grateful and feel so honoured to receive local recognition by such a highly esteemed committee of locally recognised wonderful people.

Receiving this award only drives us all to achieve more and work on continually improving all that we do.

Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the GC Business Excellence awards for choosing WLSA.

We are beyond words thankful. Most of all from me; this is a team award and the team here are pretty awesome. Thank you!

Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia