Be Part Of The Change

Is your child having too much screen time? Is your child not engaging in enough activity? Are you challenged for food choices at home?

We are taking expressions of interest from parents on the Gold Coast to receive further information about this cutting-edge program on a one-on-one basis. Please register to know how your child could benefit from the GRIT Project.

About G.R.I.T.


The GRIT project is a unique 12-week program available to 50 kids aged between 9-15 who do not currently lead an active lifestyle and live on the Gold Coast. We are building a team of young Australians to help complete a program that is the first of its kind in the world. This is a cutting edge development that will change the lives of so many children and adults in the future. The program is led by a group of professionals to take good care of your kids, including Physiotherapists, Exercise Scientists, Dietitians, Nurses, Psychologists and Fitness Coaches.

"Our Mission Is To Build Skills, Knowledge and Behaviour to Help Kids Lead Healthy and Happy Lives.” Felicity Cohen, CEO of WLSA

The purpose of GRIT Project is to provide insights to help improve the health, fitness and mindfulness of inactive children. Your child has the opportunity to take part in this free program that could empower not only themselves but the future Australian generations to thrive in life with the right skills, knowledge and behaviour. The GRIT Project is a collaboration by various experts who share the same mission: to create healthier kids of the future by working with the wider community to reduce obesity and put a stop to what is a huge problem.






Scope & Eligibility

Program Outline



Data collected will be used to map a blueprint that will lead to a program that can be developed to nurture kids healthy lifestyle during their prime years of growth into adulthood. During the program, the children and parents will be given feedback. All statistical data will remain confidential. Personal data may be shared with participants. All assessment results will remain confidential and will not be judged.