Happy Baby Pose


Happy Baby Pose is a basic pose that is found in many contemporary yoga routines and is known to stretch the inner groin and lower back while calming the mind by relieving the stresses of daily life. During this exercise, make sure to maintain a focus on your breathing. We often forget to consciously focus on our breathing, taking full breaths throughout the entire exercise. Pay attention to how Happy Baby Pose affects your breathing.

Happy Baby Pose

Step 1
Lie on your back. With an exhale, bend your knees into your belly.

Step 2
Inhale, grip the outsides of your feet with your hands (if you have difficulty holding the feet directly with your hands, hold onto a belt looped over each sole.) Open your knees slightly wider than your torso, then bring them up toward your armpits.

Step 3
Position each ankle directly over the knee, so your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Flex through the heels. Gently push your feet up into your hands (or the belts) as you pull your hands down to create a resistance.

Source: YogaJournal