Weight Loss: Shannon Angelides

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Shannon Angelides.
Here’s her story:

At my heaviest, I was 114kg pre twin pregnancy. 3.5 months post twin pregnancy I was down to 100kg. Since getting sleeved on 30th Oct 2019, my current weight is 79kg. Celebrating a 35kg lost!

I’ve recently learnt that there was one solution for me to better my health & fitness, it’s holistic! I lost 14kgs on my own, before making the decision to have the gastric sleeve, which I lost another 21kgs with the support of a dietician and psychologist from the WLSA team.

I’ve started exercising at the gym (learning weights) and walking around the park (attempting to run) when it’s quiet, the air is fresh and the kids are still asleep. I’m back on my medication to help ease my anxiety. I’ve reconnected wholeheartedly at Church, learning about the word of God.

I’ve truly found my passion in studying primary teaching – looking forward to my first prac placement.

I’m practising self-care, whether it be a 10 minute face mask or 1 hour massage, I’m prioritising making a little time for myself!

I’m a happy and healthier woman, a more present and active Momma.

Shannon Angelides

Message From WLSA:
Congratulations from all of us. To witness the change in you and your increase in confidence has been inspiring and we are all extremely proud of you.

Stephnie Van Diemen,
Medical Receptionist

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