Weight Loss Surgery For Improved Health

Weight loss surgery is recommended to assist individuals suffering from the physical and psychological effects of 4b79f943bbbc0morbid obesity. It is therefore suitable for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or above, or >30 with significant obesity-related medical problems. Such problems include diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, PCOS, or degenerative joint disease. A qualified health professional at WeightLoss Solutions Australia can determine your suitability for weight loss surgery and advise you on the most suitable option. Calculate Your BMI.

Weight Loss Surgery To Cure Type II Diabetes

Obesity is the number one cause of diabetes; and, there is sufficient medical literature these days to show diet and medication does not cure diabetes. Weight loss surgery is now widely recognized in the medical industry as the only cure for diabetes. Our surgeons are able to explain the health risks associated with diabetes, along with the benefits of weight loss surgery; and, our dietitian is experienced in formulating appropriate meal plans for diabetic patients undergoing weight loss surgery.

Post-operative results with diabetes are astonishing. Up to 80% of patients are cured of their diabetes and over 90% of patients show an improvement in their diabetes following surgery. The need for diabetes medication is either completely or significantly reduced within 3 months after surgery. If you are older than 45, overweight, and have a family history of diabetes, YOU ARE AT RISK for the disease.

Weight Loss Surgery For Longevity

Studies show carrying large amounts of excess weight has a significant impact on our life expectancy; and, by shedding the majority of this weight we can live a healthier and longer life. If you have a family history of weight-related health complications like type II diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc then you are at increased risk of developing these problems if you are carrying excess weight. For those already suffering from these complications, studies also show that even 5-10% weight loss can signficantly improve symptoms associated with these conditions and, in many cases, weight loss surgery can lead to remission from these complications.

Weight Loss Surgery For Improved Quality Of Life

Common concerns amongst those suffering from the effects of being overweight or obese, apart from health and longevity, include such things as diminished mobility and energy levels, complications to sex life, low self-esteem, and the ability to function adequately in one’s job. These issues fall into the category of ‘quality of life’ and are genuinely debilitating, often leading to psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

Another concern is the impact one’s weight and health has on their children or grandchildren. Overweight parents want more quality play time with their children and want to set a good example to them. If any of these issues are a concern for you, then you should consider talking to an expert at WeightLoss Solutions Australia and find out how they can help you improve your quality of life.