Jason's Gastric Banding Journey


Hear how Jason’s weight loss journey. After trying many different diets to lose weight and debating for two years whether to have a gastric band, Jason hasn’t looked back.

Video Transcription:

“Before I had gastric banding I was unsure of it, it took me 2 years to make my mind up. But when I decided to do it, I was in within weeks and had it done. It has been the best thing I did for weight loss. I tried a lot of other things and it just didn’t work, didn’t have the will power anymore. All those other diets.”

“I did have a number of injuries at the time and carrying extra weight put a lot of stress on those injuries. Losing the weight has just made things a lot better and I’m more mobile than I was before.”

“The support from the clinic has been excellent, the surgeon advice has been great. With gastric banding, because it is new, and your body reacts in different ways so at times you got to understand well is this normal or not? So going to the clinic has been wonderful.”

“In terms of exercise, I hardly did any exercise because I put on that much weight it was just very difficult to do it and very uncomfortable. Now I’m at the gym every day, back running, walking and lifting weights again. It’s been good. People who haven’t seen me for a while are quite amazed by how much weight I lost.”

“The three options I looked at was gastric banding, the sleeve and the bypass. I felt the bypass and sleeve were too drastic for myself and wasn’t really prepared to do that so that’s one I chose and I found it suited me and what I wanted to get out of weight loss.”

“Since August last year I’ve lost 31 kilos.”

“My friends and family have noticed a huge increase and huge difference especially my mates, I can play golf, I can walk 9 holes and feel pretty good after it.”

“My family have noticed a change, I’m not as tired, not as grumpy and they think it’s just wonderful.”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.