Let’s Cook 2020

The Lifestyle Modification Program that I have implemented together with my amazing team is designed to teach all of our #WeightlossWarriors a range of new life skills to compliment surgery and to get the best out of life for the long term once surgery becomes just a distant memory. This is all about creating lifelong change in all aspects of life to maximize the benefits of your procedure.

Food! We all love it! We should enjoy creating delicious feasts for family and friends and focus on the experience of creating delicious; nutritious food for all. My intention with our innovative cooking events is to provide new inspiration for food concepts and ideas; creative recipes and the ability to give back in a new way love of food post-surgery.

If food was perhaps not your best friend before surgery it is now your fuel for life and also a new opportunity to enjoy entertaining and sharing the love with those around you.

My passion for creating better quality of life has led into our spectacular cooking events working with world famous chefs who have adapted recipes for patients post-surgery that are also family friendly.

This year we have introduced you to some exceptional talent in the kitchen with our #TogetherAtHome Live series online for many months over the distant memory of lockdown.

Our final event Let’s Cook last Saturday with groceries personally delivered to 20 #WeightlossWarriors home cooks was fabulous!

My favourite chef Mark Normoyle whom we have all grown to love on the Gold Coast (we wish he was here) excelled again and presented some inspirational dishes alongside the very talented Dale Lyman; together they shared six incredible recipes with our online audience.

I cannot thank these two enough for their contribution to working with WLSA. My heartfelt gratitude to them both!

Thanks to my beautiful team who cooked alongside and clearly had fun in the kitchen.

I will be cooking all of these dishes again! If cooking was not your thing in the past; I encourage you to have a go! You will surprise yourself.

To a happier and healthier you,

Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia