Long Term Complications of Overweight and Obesity


I am sure it comes as no surprise to those reading this​ article​ that the health risks associated with ​staying overweight or morbidly obese will continue to escalate over time if left untreated. I​ am referring to all the medical diseases that are so well documented and linked ​to weight related problems; these include but are not limited too: premature death​, ​type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, a number of cancers and more.

One of my main concerns when considering an aging population with obesity figures rising and only a small percentage of people treating their obesity with surgical solutions is how we are all going to live in our old age?​ Old age is a fact of life; there is no avoiding it. We can choose now​,​ as much as possible within our control how that looks. I ​do not mean taking copious amounts of turmeric or adhering to the la​test anti-aging myths but treatment for obesity and converting to ​living a healthy lifestyle.  



As a 52 year old single mother​,​ living an independent ​and active ​lifestyle is very important​ to me​​. Never do I want to end up ​being a burden either on my kids or the health system. I personally love to keep fit but also see this as my personal insurance against the many diseases inevitable with old age. Many of these diseases are preventable and controllable based on lifestyle choices. I believe we have a population whom neglect to consider what functional fitness looks like at 75 years of age and beyond. Put extremely crudely; if you cannot wipe yourself; feed yourself or bend down to pick up a spoon off the kitchen floor for example; chances are you are looking at a life requiring aide and potentially living in a nursing home and losing your independence.

Achieving and maintaining a​​ healthy weight ​into the future ​is so important.​ ​Choosing​ ​​bariatric ​surgery provides a solution to set people up for a ​​healthier and richer future. Greater mobility​,​​ less strain on our medical system and essentially so much happier. As we approach the weekend of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon on 1st and 2nd of July with patients, families, staff and friends involved​,​ this is the complete pinnacle satisfaction for me to witness where surgery is transporting people in life.

​To ​those walking 5.7kms for the first time​,​ ​we can ​now think how wonderful life is ​going to be in the next 12 months; for some​,​ they could hardly walk 200 meters 12 months ago. For others running and embracing the challenges of fitness, good health and actively influencing their own children​,​ life could not be better.

This is my ultimate vision and mission for where weight loss​ surgery should lead. Reduce medications, get active​, be healthy and choose to live a ​r​ich and adventurous life.

As the CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia, we should not stop at merely offering a surgical intervention for permanent and sustainable weight loss. We need to offer a complete solution that will ensure a healthy life for the future. Rather than dwell on the very morbid reality of long term complications of overweight and obesity that we know will completely destroy us ​,​ let’s start to look at and focus on how ​we can​ choose to change now​!

Together We’ll End Obesity In Australia

Felicity Cohen
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia​