Managing Pain Post Laparoscopic Surgery

A general rule of thumb is that pain should resolve over time and will get better every day.

The first few days after surgery can be uncomfortable and regular paracetamol usually will be enough. However, you can use oxycodone for break through pain relief as supplied on discharge from hospital and this narcotic analgesia is helpful with sleep at night, when there is underlying discomfort.

Doctors Prescribe

If you need to cough, use a pillow and place on you abdomen for support.

The carbon dioxide gas used to inflate the abdomen during surgery can irritate the phrenic nerve which is caused by this gas being trapped against the diaphragm (breathing muscle). This can cause pain in the lower chest, rib and up into the shoulder area which is called referred pain. This type of pain can be uncomfortable and can last for several days but will resolve on its own and can be aided by mobilising, warm heat pack to the shoulder, massage and simple analgesia (paracetamol).

man lying in bed having abdominal pain top

If the pain does not resolve or becomes worse, it is important to rule out other causes of this pain such as heart and lung issues. A visit to your GP may be enough, or if you are concerned and also out of hours, then please present to an emergency department at your nearest hospital or if you are privately insured to a private facility.

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