6 Tips To Stay On Top of Your Food Game This Festive Season

Meal Planning

It seems we get to this time of the year every year and we wonder where the year went? We have commitments all throughout the month and time flies by. Yes, it can be a lot of fun, but not being home, eating away from home and just being time poor can cause us to fall back into old habits quite easily and make some poor food choices. Sometimes the easy option, isn’t necessarily the healthiest option. Right?

My Top 6 Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Food Game During Christmas & New Year Season

  1. Order your groceries online: hands up who has ordered any Christmas gifts online? We don’t even blink twice when ordering anything else online however there seems to be a barrier for grocery shopping online. I find that having a list on the fridge means that if we need something, I just add it to the list and when I do my online order, I don’t forget anything that we need.
  2. Meal Planning: I have a meal planner just like this one which I use to list all four meals for the week and from that, I can develop my shopping list (and put our online order in). 
  3. Batch Cook: I pick one day of the week (Sunday) and I cook in bulk what we are having for dinner that week. I’m not so good at lunch meal prepping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be!
  4. Be Prepared: If you are anything like me, you run from one place to another to another and food just kind of has to fit in there along the way so the best thing to do so you aren’t reaching for the not so good options is to pack a few things with you for the day. A piece of fruit, a box of nuts, a protein bar.All handy items that don’t need refrigeration or cutlery to eat but will tie you over until your next meal.
  5. Choose Wisely: If eating away from home pay particular attention to these two things- how it is cooked and what ingredients they use. All food can be made healthier by either changing the way it is cooked or the ingredients used to make it. You don’t need to limit your enjoyment of eating out, you just need to be mindful of how much and what types of food. Often tapas style meals or sharing a main meal or ordering an entrée size will work well post surgery. Try to choose lean protein ie grilled/steamed/poached fish, red meat, chicken, tofu, egg-based dishes that are served with salad or vegetables (that are not deep fried!)
  6.  Stay Hydrated: As we get busy and we get distracted throughout the day, we can forget that in between meals is the most important time to drink in order to maintain your hydration. Remember, it comes down to frequency. You just need to keep drinking all day long. Some low energy, bubble-free drinks include:
  • Twinings In’fuse Cold Water Infusions
  • Water with fruit infused in
  • Try mint leaves for a refreshing summer drink

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