Meal Prep Like a #WeightLossWarrior

An important part of your journey post-bariatric surgery is your diet. Not eating healthy is met with countless excuses as to why one is unable to have a healthy diet, but that is in fact not true! One of our patients Jodie Siggers is sharing how she meal preps for those busy weeks right here for the wider community.

I had a few questions about my meal prep the other day and while I’ll share what I make, I also wanted to share the start of the process.

It took me a long while to get to this point after years of just eating whatever, thinking I should eat a different food each day of the week, another of those childhood traits that I instilled into adulthood. I over-complicated eating, and once I simplified it, I learned to manage my portion size, and my macros and I’m super happy where I’m at.

Before you say you don’t have time, you can’t eat the same foods for a week, you can, it’s just a mental shift that you need to work on, just like having to eat tiny meals for your new tiny tummy.

Remember you have shifted your mindset from eating big meals to tiny meals, so you can do anything!

Even if you just prep your snacks, that’s one less thought out of your mind for the day, or just breakfast until you can develop a skill set that meal preps for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

So now for the food side of things. I don’t mean to drip-feed you (no pun intended) info but meal planning/prepping is a process. 

Having two different protein sources helps to alternate your meals for lunch and dinner (so you don’t get too bored). 

This past week I’ve been having chicken and mince. Some weeks it’s chicken and steak or tuna and chicken – whatever your protein source of choice is, work with that.

This is just one of the ways you can meal prep.

The other is that I just chop all fruit and veg, and portion meat for the week. I tend to do that more so for summer as we mainly have salad and meat for dinner and fruit as snacks in summer.

Or the other way you can meal prep is by cooking up batches of food and freezing it.  I like that option too, but I tend to prep the other ways as I like to make sure that I’m getting all my macro’s and not left with just sauce and veg and no protein when trying to divide full batches up.

Each to their own, for me this works!

Jodie Siggers, #WeightLossWarrior