The Warriors’ MOMI Experience by Nicole King

What is the simple 3-step MOMI Method?
Simply put, it encompasses Breath, Meditation and Mindset practices
MOMI is transformative and easy to learn; ideal for anyone who wants to elevate themselves and experience stillness in contrast to their busy ‘monkey mind’.

Breathwork is one of the best ways to bring your mind to the present moment, ground yourself, reduce tension and lower stress in the body. The meditation component of MOMI is a mantra (sound-vibration) based technique. It’s practised while sitting comfortably with eyes closed, for around 20mins, twice per day. That’s it. No technology, apps, books, essential oils, bells or chanting is required. This mantra technique is a gratifying, lifelong ‘meta-skill’ to use in your life… anywhere, at any time.

A group of #WeightLossWarriors who attended the Motivational Breakfast held at the beautiful Broadwater Parklands have been fortunate to experience a session with Nicole King, courtesy of WeightLoss Solutions Australia, as part of the renowned Lifestyle Modification Program.

The inspiring Nicole King has written this message for all WLSA #WeightLossWarriors:

Uplifted and completely inspired! That’s how I felt after being the Guest Speaker at the WLSA GCM 2021 Motivational Breakfast.  

Arriving early, I watched the #WeightLossWarriors participate in an energetic PT session. I was in awe of each Warrior. Regardless of whatever stage they’re at on their health and wellness journey, whether it’s a recent endeavour or a deeply ingrained commitment, they gave their all! The support they showed for one another was truly admirable.  

It was time to slow down heart rates, ground and connect MindBody. I shared simple breath-work techniques and mindfulness practices designed to offer a new perspective and gently bring the ‘thinking mind’ and active body into subtle states of rest and healing.

The team welcomed the closing body scan, which guided them to relax and eliminate any physical tension and release any emotional blockages. 

Mindfulness is achieved when your mind is fully focused and aware of what’s happening in the present moment.

Those who have achieved mindfulness are not distracted, thinking about something else (limiting-beliefs), stories from the past, worrying about the future or overreacting to events occurring around them. 

Our ‘busy’ modern lifestyles can create an environment where we unconsciously slip into autopilot and are not working or creating at our full potential. The mind drifts off in other directions (the never-ending to-do list, when I do this, I should have done that) instead of enjoying the current moment. Your happiness, clarity and productivity levels drop.

Oftentimes, we can get lost in the vortex of looping a narrative in our mind and feel our choices are limited. As your mind is wandering and not present in the moment you’re unable to pay attention, align with your values and shift your energy to focus on what is truly important to YOU. 

Create daily rituals and keep practising the breath-work and mindfulness techniques. They will transform your day, inspiring calm, deeper connections and JOY! 

And we know, the quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your decisions.

I look forward to cheering you on in the 2022 Gold Coast Marathon!

Nicole King