Setting New Year Resolutions Post Bariatric Surgery

Every year without fail there is a bit of discussion between Christmas and New Year about what you are going to do differently in the New Year and setting goals for yourself. They may be things like spending more time with the family, spending less, saving more, staying fit and healthy, taking up a new sport, learning something new for example. For those that are post bariatric surgery though, I want you to use this time to reflect on what your journey has been like and what your goals are for the year ahead.

Here are a few questions for you to check in with yourself about:

  • Am I still taking my multivitamins EVERY day?
  • Am I due for bloods?
  • What exercise do I enjoy? Am I doing it?
  • Am I active most days of the week?
  • Am I rushing through meals?
  • Where am I eating my meals?
  • Am I drinking enough?
  • Am I drinking the right fluids?
  • Did I let bubbles sneak in over the festive and how can I nip that in the bud now?
  • Are my meals based around protein and veg?

How did you go with that? Did you find you were able to tick off many of them or was it a good reminder to get back on track with some things that have fallen by the wayside?

I’m a big fan of meal prep and believe that the most successful people will to some degree, plan out and prepare meals for themselves and their family throughout the week. The actual how that is achieved looks completely different for everyone though. The New Year however is a great time to reset those habits, particularly after your reflection above. If you are looking for a little inspiration when it comes to lunches that can be made in an instant that are protein and veg based and dietitian approved then look no further that this little list here.


To your wellness,
Brianna Fear-keen
Accredited Practising Dietitian at WLSA.