Obesity And Breast Cancer: Know The Link & Lower Your Risk

Breast cancer and weight: What’s the link?

Obesity is recognised as a leading modifiable risk factor for developing breast cancer.

Carrying extra weight increases your risk for 13 cancers. Please tune in to this short conversation with Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia, as she shares insights on how your weight may affect your risk of breast cancer and a story of a bariatric patient who discovered her cancer through weight loss surgery.

How does obesity contribute to breast cancer?

  • Breast cancer and obesity are linked, with 13 known cancers connected to overweight and obesity.
  • The link between breast cancer and obesity was established in 1976, attributed to increased estrogen levels in overweight individuals.
  • Being overweight or morbidly obese can complicate breast cancer and increase the risk, particularly in post-menopausal women.

The Impact of Obesity on breast cancer diagnosis and Treatment

  • Early awareness and prevention of weight-related risks are crucial, including considering family history and understanding the potential impact of weight on health as one age.
  • Supporting cancer patients in their weight loss journey is meaningful, as losing weight can positively affect their diagnosis, treatment, and overall management of cancer.

Take action today to lower your risk.

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