Maintenance Following Gastric Band Surgery

Comply with Follow-Up Appointments for Adjustments

The Lap Band can be adjusted regularly to suit the needs of the patient. Adjustments are performed at the WeightLoss Solutions Australia clinic and only take a few minutes. They can also be performed at a variety of other GP clinics, should patients be unable to visit our clinic. The number of adjustments needed varies from patient to patient and finding the right comfort level with your gastric band may take a few adjustments, particularly in the first 6-12 months. It is also important to be conscious of being able to consume larger volumes of food at times as this may indicate the need for an adjustment.

gastric banding diagram

Being able to adjust the band as needed is a major benefit to the Lap Band over other surgical methods. The band can be adjusted if you become ill or fall pregnant to allow you to continue to meet your nutritional needs. Your first adjustment is around 6 weeks after surgery and subsequent adjustments will depend on how much restriction you are getting with your meal portions. Too much restriction may lead to discomfort, regurgitation, and a poor diet; whilst not enough restriction will have an impact on your weight loss efforts. Getting this balance right is essential and feedback regarding your eating habits is vital. This is why we encourage you to keep up with all follow-up appointments after surgery. 

lap band adjustments

Adjusting your band is done with the use of a Huber needle, which is inserted into a small port underneath the tissue layer of your skin. This port is connected to a short piece of thin tubing attached to the band. Saline is inserted into the port-travels down the tubing and into the band. This very simple procedure is generally painless.

The picture shows what the Gastric Band looks like without and without saline in it.

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