Bariatric Procedures

Surgical & Non-Surgical Bariatric Procedures

All of our clients are unique. What’s right for someone else may not be right for you.

That’s why we’ll only recommend a procedure following an in-depth consultation between you and one of our specialists.  We need to understand your medical history and get a clear idea of your goals.

Find information about our key procedures on the following pages:


A band is inserted and this allows the specialist to adjust the level of food restriction.


One of the more common procedures.  3/4 of the stomach is removed.


An alternative to surgery, a saline filled balloon is added to the stomach.


An incision free procedure using an Endoscope.  Recovery time is usually much faster.

Surgery is only the first step.

You deserve support throughout the whole transition to a healthier you. That’s why each procedure is accompanied by our unique 12-month Healthy Outcomes Process Program, which focuses on helping you achieve not just your best physical self, but also your best emotional and social self. At WLSA, your wellbeing is absolutely paramount.   

During the 12-months post surgery, you’ll receive:

  • structured support from our in-house team of doctors
  • diet and planning support from nutritionists
  • discussions with psychologists about your approach with food
  • scheduled events 
  • a support network built from an active community of past clients.  

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Success Stories

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.

Seeing the ‘before’ photos now feels a bit crazy, but I’ll never be ashamed of my before photo, because that person was strong enough to take this life changing step.

  • WLSA-Alex-Thomson-4
    Alex Thomson

The surgery decision is just the first step. The right mindset, new behaviors and connecting with the WSLA staff have all been key. I have so much more energy to funnel into work and the things that are important to me.

  • image1
    Andrew Morello

Even from just 4 weeks post-surgery, I had already lost a huge amount of weight and was feeling so much better in myself. Now, good habits and mindful eating are second nature to me. WLSA has had such an incredible positive impact on my life!

  • Adam-Bilsby-July-2017
    Adam Bilsy