Rove – Explore Fitness, Together

Rove provides a simple way for you and your crew to track your steps, together. Set your daily step goal and see how long you can keep a streak alive, keep up with who’s ruling the leaderboard, and face off in regular step competitions.

Learn how Rove works;



  Invite – Invite your squad, your posse, your set, your crew, your peeps. Anyone you want!




Track – Keep track of your step progress for each day. Choose your daily target, and when the hexagon is full, you’ve hit your goal!




 Compete – Join in weekly step competitions. Each week, your group will be randomly divided into two teams, and you’ll see who can rack up the most steps!





Keep up – Use the leaderboard to keep up with everyone in your league, even when competitions aren’t happening. See who’s the champ for the day, week, month, or year.



Try it today, let us know if you love it too! or download the app at