Champions of the Somerset College Corporate Rowing Regatta

Words from Asha Soni, Nurse at WLSA:

On Saturday the 21st November the WLSA rowing team won the Somerset College Corporate Rowing Regatta! We are still in shock as to how we achieved this. The fun started 6 weeks ago when Carla, Jen, Isabella and myself decided to try a new sport and get out of our comfort zone. None of us had ever rowed before let alone competed in a regatta.

We trained twice a week at 5:30am at Varsity Lakes. When we started we had no idea how we were going to row as a team of 4 because every time we tried to row together we nearly capsized the boat. However with team work, lots of coaching and determination to learn how to be in sync got us to the last week where we finally managed to row as a team of 4.

The joy of learning a new sport, getting fit and being on the water at 5:30am has been life-changing for the 4 of us as we are now keen to take on an even bigger challenge, the 21km regatta. We are so proud for representing WLSA and WINNING the Regatta!

Congratulations from Felicity Cohen, CEO of WLSA:

I am so proud of all 4 girls for taking on this challenge; believing in themselves, building team skills and confidence and taking out the championship! I see a number of lessons from their own team experience reflected in the culture of our business and what we offer our patients.

Firstly, anything is possible! If you can dream it you can achieve it! Team work is critical to success; supporting each other; showing up for each other and being accountable to the end will help you succeed. It is not very far different from how we work with patients. We know that if you engage with the team and see yourself as part of the team; then you will experience the support; gain the knowledge you need and exceed your own expectations of success!

So my challenge to you is this: Think of something that you would like to try; a family sport; a new activity that you have never done and write it down. Bring this idea with you to your next appointment and discuss how you can make this an achievable goal in 2021.