R U OK Hour - Your safe Space to be heard

WLSA R U OK Day 2021

How are you feeling?

Please join us for an hour of healthy conversations around mental health. We welcome you to share with us how you are feeling and the impact on your weight and health, all in a private group.

R U OK Hour
Thursday 9th Sep At 12.30pm
Live in Private Facebook Group

100% Privacy Guaranteed.

Our goal is to provide the wider community with a safe and supportive space to raise and discuss mental health. Participants will learn practical tools from a panel of wellness experts and are welcome to ask questions during the live session. We are here to listen.

We will:
Step 1 - Ask R U OK?
Step 2 - Listen With An Open Mind
Step 3 - Encourage Action
Step 4 - Check In (if you wish to stay in touch with us)


Felicity Cohen


Tom Cronin


Tom Hitchcock

Host: Felicity Cohen
Panel: Tom Cronin, Tom Hitchcock, WLSA Psychologist & Dietitian

We welcome anyone and everyone, Australia-wide.
A conversation could change a life.