Stephen's Lap Band Journey


Stephen shares his journey since his gastric banding procedure – why he chose the procedure and his past attemps at dieting and meal plans for weight loss.

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Video Transcription

“I started a career at about 24 and got a pretty good job – put all my effort into work. Long hours at work meant junk food for dinner.”

I’ve lost 46 kilos in the 12 months. The trigger for me to decide was probably the birth of my niece. Yeah, I just needed to be around to watch Tegan grow plus I was doing long hours at work, I was exhausted. I’d sleep a whole day on Sunday because I was just too exhausted to do anything.”

“I’ve tried the diet shakes, all the packaged foods, the home delivery to the house trying to make it easy for me but it just wasn’t working. So I supposed the real turning point was travelling in the seat I was in – I couldn’t do up the belt. So I had to whisper in a flight attendants ear. She got me the extender belt and that was probably the longest trip. Yeah, so from then on I said that I wouldn’t wear an extender belt ever again. Since the gastric banding procedure I never even think about it now, I just jump on a plane and go.”

“With work and a busy schedule, always away, eating a lot of junk food and eating at a lot of restaurants I thought that was the first thing that was going to have to stop but your food choices don’t really have to change. I suppose the biggest thing that’s changed is my sense of being, my health.”

“For anybody who’s thinking of having lap band procedure, don’t even think twice, go ahead an do it. The benefits far outway any minor struggles you have in the beginning” *

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.