Stevie Awards 2020 – A Gratitude Note from CEO Felicity Cohen

It is with great honour for me to announce that we have received the following prestigious Stevie Awards:

  • Bronze Winner for Most Innovative Company of the Year (More than 10 Employees)
  • Bronze Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Australia
  • Gold Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Consumer Services (11 to 2,500 Employees)

I am incredibly humbled to be placed in such distinguished ranks for the 2nd time, alongside many global health care industry leaders who have made significant contributions to the medical sector, particularly during this challenging year.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have faced and overcome unprecedented challenges. Today, we are proud to be one of the leading weight loss centres in Australia, leading initiatives & innovations, to help shift the nation’s awareness about obesity, the link to a higher risk of COVID-19 as well as the understanding of how the medical interventions can truly save lives.

At WLSA, we feel very fortunate to have a strong community of #WeightLossWarriors and industry partners. Our awards are equally yours.

WLSA Team & Community

A heartfelt thanks to my team at WeightLoss Solutions Australia, for professionally and passionately continuing the pursuit of our mission to end the obesity epidemic in Australia and internationally.

With this esteemed recognition, I am committed to further WLSA reach and be an open platform globally, for all to join in our #YesYouCan movement – not to fight but to end obesity. Let’s continue to work on the scientific breakthroughs and foster a positive understanding of this industry – with respect to the patients, medical professionals as well as the researchers.

Once again, thank you for your confidence in WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

Felicity Cohen,
CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia