Sunday Exercise Idea: Outdoor Walking

You’ve been indoors most of the winter, with just a treadmill for company. And then you hear it — the siren call of warmer weather, calling you outside.

You’d be wise to heed that call. Pleasant temperatures and the visual interest of your surroundings can not only motivate you to exercise, but help you enjoy it more, experts say.

Woman Power Walking

Outdoor Brisk Walk


You say walking’s too pedestrian? Actually, it’s one of the best lifetime sports.

“It’s easy on the joints, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, and you can burn calories, even though it’s a more modest amount compared to some other activities,” says Stuhr.

Current national guidelines recommend exercise (such as brisk walking) for 30 minutes, most days in a week.

“Your risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure go down as a response to just increasing your level of physical activity,” says Stuhr.

Beyond that, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should shoot for 60 minutes of walking most days of the week. To keep weight off, get 60-90 minutes of walking most days.

Source from WebMD