Supermarket Tour by Dietitian Bonnie Handcock

Do you want to make smarter and healthier food choices but feel slightly overwhelmed at the endless options available from the supermarket?

A supermarket tour may be just what you need!

Grocery shopping is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the never-ending array of products, with many of these falsely claiming to have health benefits, can make the process confusing and supermarkets can seem daunting.

Here at Weight Loss Solutions Australia we offer a monthly supermarket tour to help you navigate the minefield that is the modern supermarket, empowering you with the information and knowledge to make healthier food choices.  These tours are run by our Accredited Practising Dietitian, who leads a small group through a local supermarket, providing practical information in an interactive format.

This tour is designed to teach you how to avoid clever marketing ploys which use false claims to sell products. You will use real products off the shelves in learning to decipher nutrition information panels, enabling you to make purchasing decisions quickly and confidently. Learn the real meaning of terms like “lite”, “low GI”, “lactose free” and “organic”, and discover how to save money on the food bill.

The session runs for around 1.5 hours and participants will take home a shopping tour handout, which summarises information discussed during the tour.

The next shopping tour will be running on the 26th March at Coles, Treetops Shopping Centre, Burleigh Heads, at 1pm.

Please contact the WLSA office directly on 07 5598 0500 or email to make a booking!