Surviving the Silly Season after Weight Loss Surgery

The silly season is well and truly among us! It’s tempting to overindulge at this time of year. Nowadays, the festive season seems to go on for months and seasonal weight gain can sometimes be the result. For those who have gone through weight loss surgery, it may be a time of stress while trying to navigate social events centred around food. Our simple tips will show you how to enjoy yourself but still feel in control of your health and goals. 

● Don’t go to parties or events hungry 

– Have something light to eat before a party or event to lower your chances of overindulging in high-calorie party foods. 

● Don’t skip meals 

– Skipping meals to compensate for overindulging on Christmas day is not the answer – Continue with your regular meals- those who skip meals, tend to overindulge when attending an event 

● Maintain your portion sizes 

– With the abundance of festive foods, it’s easy to get excited and eat more than we normally would or should. Use an entree size plate to help control your portion sizes. 

● Protein first, then vegetables 

– Remember protein first still applies- roast chicken, turkey, lamb or fresh seafood are great options 

– Load up on veggies- make sure this makes up the next part of your meal 

● Stay hydrated 

– During this time of year our alcohol and coffee intake tends to increase. Both of these can be dehydrating especially with the warmer weather. 

● Watch your alcohol intake 

– Alcoholic drinks are high in calories and contain no nutrients- making them empty calories. Limit your alcohol intake and make sure you avoid any carbonated drinks. 

● Avoid sugary food and drinks 

– Sugary food and drinks are often high in calories and can contribute towards weight gain and increase your risk of dumping syndrome, so make sure you limit these foods and drinks 

● Explore healthier recipes and make your own

– Bring along a plate of food to share. That way you will always have healthy food to fall back on if your choices are limited 

● Ask for support from family and friends 

– Have a friend or family member be there during social gatherings to help keep you on track and accountable to your goals. 

● Maintain your normal exercise routine 

– Continue with your exercise routine to maintain good habits, keep your gains intact, boost your energy and help you manage stress. 

● Be confident 

– Festive celebrations usually bring in lots of family, friends and food- it is normal to feel a little self-conscious and anxious after a weight loss procedure. Our biggest tip is to be confident in yourself! 

So here’s to the silly season. Enjoy yourself and stay safe! 

From Your WLSA Dietitians