The Social Aftermath of Bariatric Surgery: Coping with Changes in Friendships and Family Dynamics

Research tells us that bariatric surgery-induced weight loss can impact the dynamic of close interpersonal relationships.


Changing Lives, One Youth at a Time: A Holistic Approach to Health

In a world where the pressures of appearance and body image loom large, promoting a healthy lifestyle for the younger generation has become more important than ever.


Exploring Bupropion for Weight Loss: Insights from a Weight Loss Coach

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Weight Loss: Joel & Paige Pope

Three years ago we made the decision to change our lives through WLSA. Then a year and 2 days later our little man was born.


The Healthy vs Unhealthy Partner

This highlights the importance of involving supportive family members in your decision to undergo weight loss surgery, especially those you live with.


WeightLoss: Nancy Abolins

I’ve been apart of the WLSA family since 2015 and I am so grateful for the gift of a new life that WLSA has provided me and supported me with over the last 5 plus years. Thanks for being there for me every step of the way.


Live & Learn From Adversities in 2020 – Health is the Greatest Wealth

Protecting yourself, and your loved ones, from the perils of disease, is as much personal responsibility as it a federal or state one. If anything though, it starts with you.


Weight Loss: Alex Thomson

Now I’m not embarrassed to get photos taken professionally, so I’m making sure we do it regularly because I want to remember all of these moments with them, with me in front of the camera & not behind! Thank you WLSA!


Weight Loss: Adam Bilsy

I’m now coming up to a year in my WLS journey and have passed 50kg of weight loss. I feel amazing I look at myself in the mirror and my confidence is through the roof. I have the drive to train every day and I have also taken on fight training.


Weight Loss: Chantel Malthouse

At my heaviest, I was tired, lonely, depressed, felt ugly and morbidly obese. I suffered from high blood pressure, pcos, anxiety and depression and a heart condition.


Wonderful WeightLoss: Laurelle Risdale

I am a wife of 40 years, have 2 grown up daughters, 6 wonderful grandchildren and work in the childcare industry. For most of my adult life, I have been overweight and a yo-yo dieter.