Weight Loss: Nicole, Matt & Alex

Join this family’s heartwarming journey of growth and unity as they step out of their comfort zones, find shared experiences, and embrace personal transformation.


Weight Loss: Terry

From Fear to Finish Line: Terry’s Inspiring Journey of Weight Loss, Cold Conquest with Breathwork, and Gold Coast Marathon Triumph


Weight Loss: Joey & Linda Bridges

Shared transformation of Joey and Linda Bridges: Stepping outside comfort zones together


Weight Loss: Felicity Henderson

Once plagued by high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and loud snores. After weight loss, I’m energized and healthier. Thank you, WLSA team!


Weight Loss: Felicity Philipson

From heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea to peace. Thanks to WLSA for guiding my weight loss journey. Grateful!


Weight Loss: Eden Finger

Weight loss boosted my confidence, energy, and activity level. Embracing the camera and taking on virtual challenges with newfound vigor.


Weight Loss: Ronel Holtzhausen

From recluse to runner, with unwavering team support. I’ve conquered challenges once impossible. Grateful for Weight Loss Solutions Australia. Onwards to new goals!


Exploring Bupropion for Weight Loss: Insights from a Weight Loss Coach

Discover the potential of Bupropion for weight loss in this informative article. Gain valuable insights from a weight loss coach who shares her expertise.


Weight Loss: Jessica Johns

Read about Jessica’s Weight loss journey: gastric sleeve, losing 66kg, becoming healthier & confident. NSV of hiking in NZ & building a supportive community


Weight Loss: Claire Jardine

Discover Claire’s weight loss journey with gastric bypass surgery. From 162kg to 119kg, she shares her non-scale victories, WLSA experience, and more!


Weight Loss: Tahnee Kelly

Amazing! Knowing that there’s constant support when you need it. I gained an education and was provided with all the tools to succeed. I’ve had a DREAM RUN!!!


Weight Loss: Chris Hodges

I would recommend the experience I’ve had with WLSA and the procedure I had done to anyone and would be willing to help out anyone looking for advice with my experience