Surviving the Silly Season after Weight Loss Surgery

The silly season is well and truly among us! It’s tempting to overindulge at this time of year. Nowadays, the festive season seems to go on for months and seasonal weight gain can sometimes be the result.


Weight Loss: Joshua Brett

That’s great, but my energy is at levels I never remember having, and my mental health has improved out of sight.


Weight Loss: Kimberly Hulme

Almost one year since her Gastric Sleeve surgery, Kimberly explains her new look on life post-surgery and what was the catalyst that led her to make this decision.


Weight Loss: Sara Hurley

Over the past two years since having weight loss surgery, Sara has been vocal throughout her journey sharing updates across social media. Today she shares with us her favourite non-scale victory.


Weight Loss: Lee Craig

This week we’re celebrating Lee Craig’s successful weight loss thanks to the Allurion Balloon. After just a month Lee is already seeing results and smiling bigger!


Weight Loss: Alice Harrison

This week we’re celebrating Alice Harrison’s successful weight loss after Gastric Sleeve surgery.


Weight Loss: Raelene Wynne

This week we’re celebrating Raelene Wynne’s successful weight loss after Gastric Sleeve surgery, leaving her now feeling confident and beautiful.


Weight Loss: Trudy Flemington

One year post-Gastric Sleeve, Trudy Flemington shares her weight loss transformation and a few of the highlights of her journey so far.


Weight Loss: Samantha Williams

One year post-Gastric Sleeve, Sami shares how she is now living a happier and healthier lifestyle. You’ll be surprised by the small achievements that make a huge difference!


Weight Loss: Felicity Philipson

“Having this life-changing experience has given me the confidence I never dreamed of. My journey has been nothing but amazing and I’m so healthy I have even eliminated diabetes and blood pressure medication, and my sleep apnoea has disappeared. My cardiologist says I’ve given myself the best gift – LIFE!!!!” – Felicity Philipson


Weight Loss: Alan Richardson

Tanya Walker chats with one of our patients Alan Richardson to catch up on his journey since having a Gastric Bypass in September 2021.


Weight Loss: Charmaine Hedger

I have struggled with my weight for over 10 years. I was feeling ashamed and embarrassed by the way I looked which stopped me from being social and I couldn’t exercise anymore. My blood pressure was high and walking up a set of stairs was hard.

With the support of my husband, I decided the Gastric Sleeve was my best option for a healthy new start.