The Gold Coast Team
WLSA is unique in that we have a complete bariatric team in-house. This means that none of our key services are outsourced. All the key services and support that you need are available in one location, and most of these services are included in your package cost of surgery. Our team includes highly skilled surgeons, a psychologist, a dietitian & a nurse.

Felicity Cohen

Felicity Cohen, CEO
Felicity has always held a commitment to helping others with their weight problems. She continues to exceed professional expectation in developing educational programs and resources at WeightLoss Solutions Australia and has been an integral part of the clinic’s success over the last decade. She loves nothing more than witnessing the transition people make to leading happier and more fulfilling lives as a result of achieving sustained weight loss through surgery and healthy lifestyles.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the practice or it services, Felicity is the person to talk to. She’s friendly, caring, and more than happy to assist patients of all weights and backgrounds.