From Obesity To Crossing The Finishing Line This Weekend


GOLD COAST will see a team of bariatric patients making their way to the finishing line this weekend at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, to mark their biggest lifestyle modification milestone ever.

When Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia, created #TeamWLSA on the annual event website, she also engaged Therese Fossheim from Jupiter Health to create a 12 week training program and invited patients to join her team to challenge their fitness to the next level, here are what some of them said:

“I’m like, what! Me do a run? Unheard of. But with the changes occurring to my mind as well as my body, I thought, why not? I have discovered I can actually run… a bit! And it’s fun! I’m loving exercise so much more since my operation. This is a total change of personality for me. It still surprises me.” Cindy Davey

“This marathon is a celebration for me, to participate in something I have watched others do over the years. Now that I have lost weight, it’s my turn to pound the pavement in my first marathon and I know I may not be the fastest or win this marathon, but I win no matter what. I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.” Michelle Morrison.

“This training has set reachable goals to ensure my journey was on track. Not only am I doing the marathon, I have become more active by attending boot camps near home. I am lighter, I have more energy and happier within myself. My mum and my daughter train with me, and we share recipes that are clean, organic and raw. Mum and I call to support each other daily.” Tabatha Young

“I never thought I would be a runner, I can’t believe how much I love it! I have 2 beautiful children and I wanted to show them the importance of eating well and exercising. And I didn’t know how much I could love pushing myself to run further. I am 7 months post surgery and 39kg down. I am in a size 12! I have been stand up paddle-boarding, and hiking, and rolling around with my kids –  and it all started with me running. 10km this year – half marathon next year! WLSA has changed my life and rocked my world!” Angie Presecan

“Almost 8 months after my gastric sleeve surgery and 50kg gone forever from my amazing body, I just walked my way through Tokyo enjoying every piece of food I wanted and arrived home 4kg lighter. I love my new life and I’m becoming the person I always knew – active, energetic, healthy and a good example for my kids, thanks to WLSA. Can’t wait for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon!” Paula.

Cohen’s vision is to help more Australians achieve a healthy and happy life through the understanding of the benefits of a comprehensive bariatric weight loss solution and the unique Lifestyle Modification program she has developed since year 2000 (

“Athletes from all sporting disciplines at an elite level are such an inspiration to us all. But whilst all the serious athletes are exciting to watch, nothing could give me more satisfaction than to see what our group of patients have achieved to get themselves to the start line. Participation is the key when it comes to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. As a part of my vision for WLSA, I really want to see patients get actively involved in sport and movement at some level. We all know that this will set patients up for a healthier, longer and more independent future. This year I am so excited to have had a very enthusiastic group of patients take on the challenge to participate in the 5.7kms walk, the 10kms run and the half marathon along with a few beautiful children competing in the kids events. Watching a person who could hardly walk 200 meters 18 months ago to completing a 5.7kms walk is really the pinnacle of achievement. If I can compare this to an elite athlete the sense of achievement and satisfaction is no less and definitely not to be underestimated. These people deserve to walk forward with a badge of pride and I cannot wait to cheer them all over the line!” says Cohen.

*The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is Australia’s annual premier road race held on the first weekend of July and attracts more than 27,000 participants of all ages and abilities across a number of races. The 39th annual Gold Coast Airport Marathon will be held Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July 2017. Find out more at


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Felicity Cohen
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