Together at Home LIVE with Felicity Cohen & A Guest Chef

#TogetherAtHome is back for a very special bonus episode! Join us LIVE on Facebook from your own kitchen this Monday 16th of August at 5:30 pm and cook along with a special Guest Chef.

In this episode, Felicity and the guest chef will be demonstrating how to cook the nutritious Tunisian Chickpea, Fresh Tomato & Vegetable Stew, a recipe by Iron Chef Mark Normoyle! A perfect hearty dish you and your family will be loving as we are almost through with the winter season.

#TogetherAtHome LIVE series was created in 2020 featuring celebrity chefs & wellness experts demonstrating valuable skills & lifestyle ideas EXCLUSIVELY for your weight loss journey. Proudly presented by WLSA.

We believe that everyone should enjoy creating delicious feasts together for family and friends. During this uncertain time, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and connected with one another. Our CEO – Felicity Cohen’s intention when introducing this series is to provide new inspiration for food concepts and ideas; creative recipes and the ability to give back in a new way through the love of food post-surgery.

Get excited for this special LIVE episode and make sure you are stocked up with these ingredients:

4 Serves

30ml Olive Oil

1 large Onion, diced

1 Garlic Clove, chopped

½ Cinnamon Stick

1 tsp Cumin Powder

1 tsp Turmeric

½ tsp Ginger Powder

½ Lemon, juiced

1 large Carrot, diced

1 cup Fresh Tomatoes, pureed

2 cups Vegetable Stock or Water

1 cup Chickpeas, cooked

What a combination of nutritious ingredients for great health! We can almost smell the amazing aroma of this dish already!

The beauty of this recipe is that it can be tweaked into different dishes, so you can enjoy the varieties throughout the week! Mark will be showing you how he can creatively transform this dish into a couple more. Healthy meals do not have to be expensive and boring after all!

Join us this Monday 5:30pm, LIVE on our Facebook page! Can’t wait for you to taste the delicious stew after a much fun and rewarding cooking session with us #TogetherAtHome.